Monday, May 23, 2016

Joy in the Morning

I've been embracing misery for quite some time now. To say I can throw a pity party is an understatement--I'm the ultimate event planner.

I've had a few challenges throughout life (haven't we all?) My best-laid plans never came to fruition and I've been extremely frustrated by that. But the blessings I've received are so wonderful and plentiful and undeserved that I want to let them obliterate any negativity, and that starts with a change of attitude. So I decided to start a new blog that focuses on the beauty that can be found even in the midst of disappointment.

My prayer is that God will remove all pride from me and replace it with self-worth. Nothing more. Just a sense of the value He placed in me so that I can become who He intended me to be all along.

There will be setbacks, probably before the sun goes down today. I am, after all, raising two teenage girls. And after three decades of marriage, my husband and I have perfected the art of annoying each other. Then there's the whole rest of the world with its problems. So yeah, there will be setbacks.

But I want each morning to be filled with a renewal of spirit and a sense of purpose for the new day ahead. I want to take the inner joy I feel and make it visible on the outside, too. And that starts with a thankful heart before my feet hit the floor.